Fine Lines is an agile creative agency deeply rooted in the culture of skateboarding. With a tight-knit in-house team of professionals and a large multifaceted network of talents, we work on global campaigns, create tailored brand content, and execute events across Europe.

Through our services, we leverage the raw subcultural energy of skateboarding for integrative brand communications. We’re always following the principles that define the culture: non-conformity, creativity, unpredictability, progression, experimentality, diversity, collaboration and self-determination.

The agency was founded in 2005 by two founders, Jonathan Wronn and Veith Kilberth, to turn their passion for skateboarding into a full-time job and serve both the skateboard community and brands with their expertise. They bring more than 30 years of experience from active careers as sponsored skaters to the table, supplemented by skills in sports and brand marketing.

Besides the agency, the two founders also operate the skatepark design office LNDSKT and the SLAPPY’s skate school and host the annual skate culture festival SKTWK together with the in-house team.