All Terrain Skate Fest

We have developed HUBER as an All Terrain Skate Fest held annually in our hometown of Cologne. The event plays with the comparison of skateboarding and all-terrain vehicles both visually and thematically. It’s symbolizing the evolution of the skate culture and bringing this to life through a unique experienceable format at different locations in the centre of the city.

The title HUBER goes back to the early 90s when street skateboarding had its first big heyday. Some of this new generation skaters joked about the older generation of half-pipe skaters and called them the RampHUBER. Decades later skateboarding has evolved again, boundaries between terrains got torn down by another new generation, taking the best of both with an ATV approach to close the circle.

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Services: Concept, Creative Direction, Event Production

Event Photography: Florian Hopfensperger

Filming: Bennet Rahm, Dennis Ludwig, Pascal Kurth

Editing: Pocket Skate Mag, Orange Studios

Year: 2023