Squad Up


Bring your crew and celebrate together.

For Snipes we developed Squad Up, an event concept that unites the two subcultures skateboarding and rap music.

The skate crews of the city were invited to a two-day event to first qualify through a video challenge and then compete against each other on a unique skate set-up the following day, where a top-class DJ line-up provided the appropriate beats from Snipes.

Events all over Europe.

We realized Snipes Squad Up, mostly in the context of a Snipes Store Opening, in the following cities: Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Stuttgart.

Services: Conception, Creative- & Content Direction, Production
Photography: Dennis Scholz, Mathijs Tromp, Adrian Rios
DOP: Kamil Krzesniak
Year: 2017, 2018, 2019