Monster Euro Tour

Monster Energy

Access to community.

For the Monster Euro Tour we supported Monster Energy conceptually and organizationally in connecting the right partners and collaborating with them to mobilize the local skate community in their cities.

At the Monster Euro Tour the team of superstars from Monster Energy visited the most important skate metropolises all over Europe. The local skate store in each city hosted a session with the team for their community. We connected the brand with stores and the consumers in Bristol, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Athens, Helsinki, Warsaw, Tel Aviv.

Services: Concept, Co-Production
Photography: Burny, Thomas Bauman, Felix Adler
Realization: selected Skate Shop partners (eg Fifty Fifty, Lobby, CivilistColor Skates, SH Store)
Video: Monster Energy & Pocket Skatemag
Year: 2022