The Grind

For the Spring 2015 product launch of Skullcandy The Grind headphones, we developed a Video Commercial Story. The goal was to communicate the USPs and innovative features in a creative manner while appealing to three different consumer types: skateboarders, BMXers and snowboarders. The production revolved around Skullcandy testimonials, in which the protagonists could not only switch the soundtrack on their headphones with a quick ‘tap’, but also change their entire style and surroundings.



Skullcandy Headphone Mockup | fine lines Marketing – Skateboard Agency

Tap That!

The main “hero” in the story is the unique Tap Tech principle, which was without parallel in the on-ear headphones market at the time of launch. True to the campaign claim ‘Tap That!’, the protagonist skips through his audio tracks seamlessly without ever losing flow. He also ‘skips’ through different environments and styles and also accepts an annoying phone call – only to ‘tap’ it away in an instant.

Lem Villemin, Skullcandy The Grind | fine lines Marketing

Harry Main | BMX

The UK-based BMX pro hit the city of Berlin on a street mission for ‘The Grind’.

Eero Ettala | Snow

The snowboard pro highlighted the major USP for snow action: ‘Tap Tech’ can also be operated with snow gloves.


Skullcandy | The Grind

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