Berlin, summer of 2016 – The German capital has emerged as the epicenter of skateboarding in Europe over the past few years, which has significantly strengthened the focus of our client, Nike SB on the city. After covering this important hotbed of skateboarding with a winter location via the Nike SB Shelter skate park project, the next step was an initiative for the summer season. The goal was to create long-term, sustainable engagement with an integrated concept that actively involved Nike SB’s core target group into the planning of an outdoor skate park: The Project DSS. The result is now a public concrete skate park, Nike SB brand space, and daily meeting point for the local skate community – all wrapped into one.



Hip or ledge? Let the community decide!

Working in cooperation with the four most important local Nike SB retailers, we mobilized the Berlin skate community during four local grassroots events. Next to fun skate sessions, the main aim of these initiatives was to get the skaters voting – it was up to them to decide which skate park features would be built for Project DSS by Yamato Living Ramps. In order to ensure a coherent overall concept for the park, options were narrowed down to three pre-configured options to be voted on at each event. And for those who missed an event, there was a chance to submit their vote online at a later time, although on-site votes counted more – putting the local skaters first!

Digital: Consumer involvement beyond Berlin.

fine lines also created a designated micro-site for Project DSS with our media partner PLACE SKATEBOARD CULTURE, which is regarded as one of the most authentic voices in the German skate scene. The digital platform was the final destination of our social media campaign as well as the centralized hub for info and media on the project. It also served as an important transfer tool to the website to generate what the client considers the most important goal of the campaign: converting visitors into members of the Nike SB app community.



Exclusive incentives for more engagement.

The fifth event of the series was “invite only” with exclusive access for the most active skaters and voters. As a special incentive, they were given an opportunity to skate inside the Nike Berlin Store and get an exclusive preview of the voting results and construction plans for the Project DSS skate park. The message behind the initiative: Memberships and engagement pay off with rewards.




Go Skateboarding Day x Project DSS.

Every year for Go Skateboarding Day on June 21, Nike SB inspires skateboarders around the world to hit the streets together via a global campaign. For the sixth event of the Project DSS series, we seamlessly integrated our campaign into the global initiative and communication efforts – thereby building awareness beyond Berlin and Germany. The day’s schedule included: Meet-up at the local skate shop, skate a session at the local spot together, then hear the results of the voting at the almost completed Project DSS skate park.



Grand opening and key industry moment

For the annual BRIGHT TRADESHOW, the entire skateboard world flocks to Berlin: Skateboarders, media, retailers, and industry members. This offered the perfect opportunity to complete Project DSS with an official opening event and maximum impact. Working closely with key retailer CIVILIST and implementing the current product launch for the Nike SB Janoski QS ‘Pizza’ shoe, Project DSS was served! As a long-term, sustainable project nurturing the local scene, Project DSS will remain a fixture in future marketing planning. Two additional stages of construction and skate park expansion have already been scheduled. What kinds of new obstacles will be added, is once again up for voting by the entire community.



fine lines was responsible for:

x Developing the marketing concept

x Project management, implementation, and controlling

x Consulting between the City of Berlin, the Berlin Skate Association, Yamato Living Ramps, and Nike SB

x Event artwork / creative direction

x Communication strategy and directing social media campaign

x Media & content production for Nike-owned channels