Starting with skateboarding, the agency grew into other sports such as snowboarding, surfing, BMX, wakeboarding, mountain biking, and FMX, over the years building an expansive professional network. The fine lines media approach consists of working closely with leading athletes, editors, photographers, organizers and other creatives from each specific sport to make sure that every project is guaranteed to be authentic and “core approved”.


Being successful in the action sports segment always depends on whether a brand is able to create real advantages for the active scene, all the while positioning the brand in an authentic manner. Whenever a brand succeeds in doing something positive for the scene, it also reaps the benefits: In return, members of the scene will accept and practically “endorse” the brand. This dynamic is pretty self-explanatory, but successful implementation calls for considering the following factors: What is currently popular in the scene? What is needed? What would be considered cool, what not? What has not been done before? Which initiatives would suit the brand and its products? Who are the right partners? To get it right every time, we have created fine lines marketing! We’re dealing with these types of questions on a daily basis when it comes to developing customized concepts for our clients. Thanks to years of extensive experience and close proximity to the scene, we can cover these success factors in a targeted manner – and that’s exactly what sets fine lines marketing apart from all other agencies.



What are the needs of the scene? Have similar projects been done before? What’s the level of significance of this initiative?


Does the initiative suit the brand? Is the brand a credible sender for this message?

3.Core Approved

Does the project benefit the scene, is it authentic? How sustainable is the initiative in the long run? Which advantages does it offer for the scene?



Both of our agency’s founders, Jonathan Wronn and Veith Kilberth, come from a skateboarding background. After their active careers as professional riders they turned their passion into a career and became part of the business side of action sports. Both contribute their business education and more than 15 years of professional experience into their daily work.

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Veith Kilberth

Veith Kilberth has been an active skateboarder since 1987. During his professional career, he signed sponsorship contracts with numerous brands. His popularity in the skateboarding scene led to the release of several signature products endorsed under his name. He was one of only a few select German riders with a pro model on an American skateboard company. After graduating with a 5-years degree in Sports Science at the University of Cologne – specializing in economics and management – Kilberth worked for the ASAP GmbH, a skateboard distribution company, in a product management role. As European Brand Manager at ASAP, Veith was later responsible for sales and marketing of the iconic skateboard truck brand, Independent. In 2003, Veith took over sales management of the Stüssy brand for Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Since 2004, he’s been working as an independent marketing consultant. Veith combines his first-hand experience as a former professional skateboarder, together with conceptual and analytical skills advanced during his five-years of studies and ten years of work experience in the action sports industry to create new ideas that truly contribute to the progression of action sports.

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Jonathan Wronn

Jonathan Wronn can draw on over 25 years of skateboarding experience, including contracts as a sponsored athlete for various brands. While pursuing his studies in Sports Science at the University of Cologne – specializing in economics and management for an Industrial Manager degree – Jonathan has actively worked on the business side of the skateboard industry since 1996. From 1996 to 1998, he took over management of the Dealer chain of skateboard and snowboard shops in the Cologne area. From 1998 to 1999, he worked as an independent sales agent in the skateboard and streetwear industry. As brand manager for the Powderhausen corporation from 1999 to 2001, he was responsible for the conceptualization, implementation and marketing of the web portal Powderhausen Skateboarding and other media products in the field of skateboarding, such as Powderhausen TV/DSF (German sports channel). From 1999 onwards, Jonathan has served as a team manager in the fields of skateboarding and BMX. He was in charge of the athlete teams for Eastpak, és and Emerica. His promotional activities include event management, media productions, tour planning and team PR/marketing. In 2002, Jonathan founded Magnet Marketing, an agency specialized in urban sports, skateboarding and BMX. His expertise covers the fields of communication and PR, product development, media productions, team management and organization as well as the planning and implementation of events.